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How I Made $5000 by Writing Articles Online

By now we have all figured out that there are literally millions of people and places that proclaim an easy way to make money online.

I don’t want to show you an easy trick, or scam. Rather, I want to show you how with hard work and perseverance you can make real money, in the comfort of your own home.

One year ago I was scouring the internet trying to find legitimate ways to make money online through writing. I had been trying for months to find a concrete method that would actually bring in a few dollars. I had written some articles for eHow, but then they closed down their Writer Compensation Program shortly after, and that revenue stream dried up fast.

Finally, not sure exactly where to turn, I stumbled across Textbroker. Textbroker is a middleman service. They provide the platform for clients to submit work, and for writers to complete the work.

Figuring Out How Textbroker Works

Before I go any further, I want to throw out a disclaimer: Textbroker has not paid me a dime for this review. I think this opportunity really is special, and I am excited to introduce it to you.

Moving on…

When you first create an account with Textbroker you will need to complete a sample article. Your article will be rated from 1 – 5; 5 being professional and 1 being “Please find something else to do with your time…”. My very first article was rated a 4.

Your rating will determine how much you get paid for your articles, and which articles are available for you to write.

Textbroker is not a user generated content farm. You will select articles to complete that have been submitted by clients with a specific need. All of the articles you select will have specified keywords, and keyword density requirements listed in each article. They will also have specific instructions on what the article should be about, and how long it should be.

Textbroker pays you per word. With a “3” rating, your writer’s fee is 1 penny per word. A “4” is 1.5 pennies per word and a “5” is 2 pennies per word.

Once your first article has been approved, you will login to Textbroker and go to their article selection screen. It will look something like this:

You can select articles based on the specific categories that you are interested in, and based on your star rating. “3” is the most common rating, and those articles are typically the most popular.

Writing ’till Your Fingers Bleed

Because of the business model that exists at Textbroker, you will literally earn one penny for every word that you type. This might not sound like much, but one 400 word article will net you $4, if you write in the 3 star categories.

In my experience, writing in the 3 star category is the most profitable. The articles have less client requests and restrictions on them, and you can typically write them much faster with little to zero research.

I was able to increase my writing speed to write a 400 word article in about 7 minutes. Sustaining that pace, I was able to net roughly $32 per hour. Not bad pay for a completely freelance side gig!

In a period of under 7 months, I wrote over 1,000 articles.

Getting Paid

Once you have submitted your articles, they have to be approved by the client. In the picture above, you can see that in over 1,000 articles, I only had two that were not approved. Clients want you to be successful, and will generally be more than happy to work with you on revisions before they actually reject an article.

Once you have reached the $10 payout threshold, you can request a check. You get paid via PayPal, and you can request a payout twice per month.

As you can see, I received all of my payouts, and had no problem with the PayPal deposits. They came through with no hassles, and were deposited promptly when Textbroker said they would be.

The Bottom Line

If you are willing to work as a ghostwriter (meaning you get zero credit for writing these articles), can type fast, have a basic knowledge of SEO and keyword usage, then you can be very successful in writing for Textbroker.

In fact, I was none of the above things when I started out, but I quickly learned the game, and learned how to amend my writing to rapidly submit articles.

This is the perfect opportunity for a college student, recent graduate, or anyone else who is looking to make a few extra dollars.

One final note; I am currently experimenting with Dragon Speak voice recognition software. This would allow me to speak my articles and have them automatically translated into text. If this method proves positive, I will have found an even more effective way to speed write articles, and further increase my per hour rate. It might be worth looking into for you as well.

Please give Textbroker a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed.