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One of the most important goals of going to college and earning your education is to figure out how to make money.

Yes, college is an important time in your life to develop socially, mentally, and intellectually; but it is also about finding the skills to support yourself financially for the rest of your life.

A college education is an essential (this is a topic for debate, but I believe that it is) component of your future success, but you do not have to wait until you graduate to begin earning money.

There are thousands of practical ways that you can earn money while in college and after you graduate. You can use this money to help pay for your college education, invest in yourself, a business, or your future, or even splurge a little on the fun times in college.

Here are some of the best ways that I have found to earn more money while in college. Who knows, you might even find a way to transition this side business into a full-time career once you graduate!

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