Bubba’s Hover Craft with Oakley for Golf Courses – April Fools Prank?

So this post is just for fun.

But for those of you who have not yet seen the video of pro golfer Bubba Watson driving his Oakley hover craft around a golf course, you need to see it!

bubba hover

If this is real, sign me up!

I don’t even play golf, but this would make me pay money to go to a golf course.

Being a designated driver has never been more fun!

If this is an April Fool’s prank; hat’s off to Bubba and Oakley. This is one of the more elaborate pranks I have see in awhile.

But also, kudos to them for thinking of an incredible ingenious idea that may actually work. If this is a prank  I can guarantee that someone will run away with it, and make it into a profitable business idea. Not a bad way to profit off of an April Fool’s prank (although, here is to hoping we will see it out on the back 9 next time we play!)

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One thought on “Bubba’s Hover Craft with Oakley for Golf Courses – April Fools Prank?

  1. Masum

    Yes, For the very first time I have seen it on Youtube and it is really great experience. A hovercraft has contained the air. While the air blower is opened on, this skirt makes a pocket that traps the pressurized air. You had given a great explanation ever. Thank you so much


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