Money for College Project Weekly Roundup: March Madness

For all of my fellow college basketball fans, we are entering our favorite time of the year: March Madness!

I love nothing more than sitting in front of the tv for hours on end watching all of the drama and suspense unfold. Who needs reality tv!

Unfortunately, my Alma Mater won’t make it into the big dance this year, but I still plan to watch as much of the tournament as possible. I’m a little jealous of Jeff at Sustainable Life; I believe he is actually going to watch some games live this year! Maybe some day…

Even if you are not a big college basketball fan, I think there is still some awesome information that can be learned from the following articles. Here is what went on at Money for College Project as well as with my Yakezie friends. Enjoy!

Money for College Project


[button link=”” color=”red”] Family Financial Fitness Day[/button]



[button link=”” color=”red”] Higher Ed Helps the Economy[/button]



[button link=”” color=”red”] Odenza Marketing Scholarship[/button]




Yakezie Friends


[button link=”” color=”green”] Sustainable Life – Tenets of Sustainability[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Stock Trend Investing – Mobile Stock Investing[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Penny Pinching Pro – Thesis Edits[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”]Fiscal Phoenix –  Fun in Investing[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Mighty Bargain Hunter  – Uncle Sam Keeps Refunds?[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Money Cactus – Hyperbolic Discounting[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Roshawn Watson – Safe investments?[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Broke Professionals – House on the Market[/button]



[button link=”″ color=”green”] Dog Ate my Wallet – Budgets…[/button]



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7 thoughts on “Money for College Project Weekly Roundup: March Madness

    1. MoneyforCollegePro Post author

      @Ryan — I pull for the Spartans on occasion as well. My team is Clemson in the ACC, and unfortunately, we are not very good this year. Still looking forward to the tourney though.

  1. Roshawn @ Watson Inc

    It is an exciting time indeed. I’m trying to think if I watch a reality show. I don’t think that I do, but don’t quote me. I’m sure this must change throughout the year, as some of my HGTV shows would certainly qualify. I just haven’t been watching them lately. Thanks for the link love. I hope you enjoy the weekend.
    Roshawn @ Watson Inc recently posted..Are There Any Safe Investments Anymore?My Profile

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