How Harvard Spends Student Tuition – Infographic

How Harvard Spends Student Tuition
Via: Online Universities Blog

This is a fascinating infographic.

The most fascinating piece of the entire graphic is that 77% of students received financial assistance to attend Harvard and that the average tuition for these students was $11,500. That is pretty cheap compare to the vast majority of other schools in the United States, and certainly compared to the majority of Ivy Leaguye Schools.

How does Harvard accomplish this?

Look at the size of their endowment? As one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in our country, they have a rather large endowment, and their alumni strive to keep it that way. Money flows back into money, and the cycle continues.

This is also very encouraging for you as a student or as a parent of a student. Colleges even as expensive and prestigious as Harvard have relatively low costs of attendance. These colleges are attainable.

Don’t kill your dreams (if that is indeed one) of attending Harvard or any other Ivy League School just yet. They might be much more within your reach, financially, than you ever thought possible.

Would you want to attendĀ Harvard for $11,500 per year?

Anything else in this infographic stick out to you?

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