Money for College Project Weekly Roundup: Scholarship of the Day

Yesterday I decided to finally roll out a new segment of the Money for College Project: The Scholarship of the Day!

One main focus of this blog is helping you find money for college, and traditionally one of the best sources of college money is scholarships. Scholarships are amazing, but their one big problem is that people don’t know about them. Getting the word out about a scholarship is the hardest task for a scholarship committee, and finding scholarships is the hardest task for college students.

This new segment is intended to bring these two groups together. To match prospective college students with real scholarships they can apply for. You may not qualify for every scholarship that you see posted here, but I promise you that there will be many that you can apply for.

If you are a scholarship committee and have a scholarship you would like to promote, please let me know, and I will be happy to get it posted for you!

Enjoy the selections for this week!

Money for College Project


[button link=”” color=”red”] Pro Athlete Money Problems[/button]



[button link=”” color=”red”] Facebook IPO[/button]



[button link=”” color=”red”] Second life and Personal Finance[/button]



[button link=”” color=”red”] Use Your 1098-T[/button]



[button link=”” color=”red”] Scholarship of the Day[/button]





Yakezie Friends


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[button link=”” color=”green”] Penny Pinching Pro – Business Etiquette[/button]



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[button link=”” color=”green”] Roshawn Watson – Views on Money[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Broke Professionals – Company Stock Awards[/button]



[button link=”″ color=”green”] Dog Ate my Wallet – Coffee Talk[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] My PF Journey – Spread Betting[/button]


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