Money for College Project Weekly Roundup: Steam Rollin’ Edition

This week I was on a roll. So much of a roll in fact that this is my 8th post!

I have never even come close to posting 8 times in one week, and it is only Friday. I still have a whole lot going on in my life, but all of that has somehow energized me to work harder. Funny how that happens.

The Yakezie Network swapped teams last week also, which has brought a whole new round of teams around the network. I will miss my old teams, but I am looking forward to supporting my new team! The Money for College Project could never have gotten to where it is today without Yakezie!

Enjoy the selections for this week!

Money for College Project

[button link=”” color=”red”] The $120 Pen Story [/button]



[button link=”” color=”red”] Vassar College Admissions Blunder[/button]



[button link=”” color=”red”] Shocking Amazon Sales Tax Email[/button]



[button link=”” color=”red”] Claremont McKenna SAT Snafu[/button]



[button link=”” color=”red”] Sleep Deprivation – Infographic[/button]



[button link=”” color=”red”] College Classes in High School?[/button]



[button link=”” color=”red”] Ryan Seacrest on Personal Finance[/button]






Yakezie Friends


[button link=”” color=”green”] Sustainable Life – New Status Symbol[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Stock Tren Investing – Missing the Rally?[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Penny Pinching Pro – How Do You Budget?[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”]Fiscal Phoenix –  How to Open an IRA[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Mighty Bargain Hunter  – Magic of Compounding[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Money Cactus – How to Have it All[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Roshawn Watson – Great idea Myths[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Broke Professionals – Maximizing Raises[/button]


[button link=”″ color=”green”] Dog Ate my Wallet – Are We Hoarders?[/button]




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