76 Potential Vassar College Students Accepted then Denied

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76 potential Vassar College students has their hopes raised, and then crushed within 30 minutes on Friday afternoon.

According to the Associated Press, Vassar College’s admissions department mistakenly created acceptance letters for 76 students who logged into the Admission’s website and were told they had been accepted.

The website had been setup for students who were trying to apply for early admission to the college.

Vassar College promptly corrected the situation, and had contacted every student by Friday evening to explain the snafu.

Unfortunately, I imagine this type of thing happens far too often. Working at a school, I understand that many of the processes we handle are far too prone to human error. However, errors of this nature can effect the future of numerous students.

Thankfully, Vassar College was quick to correct the problem and they avoided any additional backlash.

Lesson to be learned from this entire ordeal? Apply to as many colleges as possible so you can maximize your chances of being accepted. You don’t want your chances for Admission to dangle on the keystroke of a human employee.

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3 thoughts on “76 Potential Vassar College Students Accepted then Denied

    1. MoneyforCollegePro Post author

      @Roshawn — It des seem that there will be bruised egos. Possibly even someone losing their job over a fluff of this magnitude. When you make national news for a negative headline, unfortunately, it often means someone loses their job. We’ll see what comes out of it.

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