2011 Forbes 15 Richest Fictional Characters

#1Scrooge McDuck#2Carlisle Cullen#3Artemis Fowl II#4Richie Rich#5 Jed Clampett#6 Tony Stark#7Smaug#8Bruce Wayne#9Mr. Monopoly#10Arthur Bach#11Jo Bennett#12Mr. C  Burns#13Chuck Bass#14Gordon Gekko#15Jeff Lebowski


I recently stumbled across this awesome article by Forbes Magazine on the 15 richest fictional characters.

It comes as no surprise to me that Scrooge McDuck is at the top of this list. With the price of gold soaring at over $1600 an ounce, the Money Bin where McDuck hides his gold is a veritable Fort Knox! The gold flecks his swim suit accumulates as he wades in his fortune every morning are probably worth more than the average American salary!

A close second is Carlisle Cullen. I’ll be honest, I had no idea who this was until I read further. Another vampire… However, the one thing that vampires have on their side is time! Well, time, and the unfailing ability to attract beautiful women all while sporting pale features and a considerable appetite for human blood. But I digress…

Time is the equalizing factor that we can all use to our advantage in our investing strategy. With an investing time horizon far beyond what any mere mortal can muster, Mr. Cullen has amassed a fortune through the simple power of compound interest. There is a good lesson to be learned here.

I’m really curious to know if any of you would have a fictional character to add to this list. Do you think that they are in the correct order? To me, Smaug the dragon would be much higher than #7. His pile of gold, at least through the eyes of a Hobbit, seems just as large as that of Scrooge McDuck. But that may just be my nerdiness speaking again.

Let the debate rage!

** An added bonus for all of your Lord of the Rings fans: An in-depth look into the valuation of Smaug’s fortune. Fascinating!**


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10 thoughts on “2011 Forbes 15 Richest Fictional Characters

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  2. ba5e1

    i still think wayne shhould be richer than stark. before the reboot. he built and rebuilt the justice league space station with stolen funds from his emipre. that and he rebuilds the cities yes cities that members of the league are known to destroy


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