Money for College Roundup: Breaking 200K Alexa Ranking Edition

So today is a pretty big day for me, and for this blog. On August 23, 2011 I began the Yakezie Challenge. I committed to consistent posting here on Money for College project, I committed to interacting and selflessly promoting my fellow Yakezie members, and also with sticking with this blog to ensure its future success.

Two months later, and all of that hard work has paid off because Money for College Project just broke through the 200K Alexa Ranking barrier!

This is a key milestone for the blog because it means that this blog is well on its way to reaching a wide audience. My main goal for this site is to provide valuable information to students, parents, and recent college graduates that ill help you find more money for college, and cultivate your future potential. The more popular this blog is, the more people I can reach with that message.

So, here is a huge “Thank You!” to all of you from Yakezie who have made this blog a budding success, and all of my other readers who may or may not have a clue what Yakezie is, and just enjoy the articles I post here.

In true Yakezie fashion, here are some of my favorite articles from Money for College project, around the web, and my fellow Yakezie Members!

Money for College Project


[button link=”” color=”red”] In Chicago and I Need Your Help[/button]


[button link=”” color=”red”] How to Make Your Own Dream Job[/button]




Awesome Articles You Need to Read


[button link=””] Map Surrounding Our Holiday Home[/button]  When I was a kid this is the type of thing that I did. I was constantly building forts in the woods behind our house, playing Army with my friends in our backyard, and going on treasure hunts with my sister. It’s a little sad that we lose all of this creativity when we get older. Maybe an escape back to some childhood ideals and passions would not be a bad thing!


[button link=””] Circumventing the Cost of College[/button]  New GRS Staff Writer Tim Sullivan lays out a pretty good argument on avoiding college costs. He also has some excellent tips on how to get money for college as an upper classman.


[button link=””] How to Break Down a Door[/button]  Just because I know you are all interested. Let’s be honest, this skill could come in handy at some point in your life!


[button link=””] How to Improve Your Credit Score[/button]  Some very solid tips from Ramit on how to improve your credit score with minimal effort.



Yakezie Friends


[button link=”” color=”green”] Aaron Hung – 3 Ways Your Boss Can Kill You[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Everyday Tips and Thoughts – Underwater Mortgages[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Retire by 40 – How Much Do You Spend on Driving[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Funancials – Emergency Funds are Overrated[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Invest in the Markets – Politicians and the Markets[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”]The Single Saver –  Aldi Fun[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Financial Excellence – Workplace Financial Literacy[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Money Talks – Spouse and FInances[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] My University Money – The Monopoly on Education[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Beating Broke – We’re Moving[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Little House in the Valley – Avoiding Bank Fees[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] 101 Cetavos – Situational Awareness[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] World of Finance – What Budgeting Can Do[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Investorz Blog – Random Thoughts on Investing[/button]

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24 thoughts on “Money for College Roundup: Breaking 200K Alexa Ranking Edition

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    1. STRONGside Post author

      Thanks Shaun! From what I have seen it seems almost easy doing this through Yakezie…..although I know now that there i a lot that goes into it. I think it is just a great testament to the power of Yakezie. Thanks again!


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