I dropped 8 Million Spots in Alexa Ranking in 7 Days

August 23, 2011 – Alexa Ranking: 10,514,143

August 30, 2011 – Alexa Ranking: 2,133,041

How did I accomplish this in only seven days?

Answer: The Yakezie Challenge, and consistent posting.

I joined Yakezie, a personal finance blogger community, one week ago. Their goal is to help personal finance bloggers make their sites more impactful,. and help grow their readership.

In order to become a full fledged Yakezie member you must get your Alexa ranking below 200K in the first six months doing your challenge.

I made a post here on MfCP about my joining the Yakezie Challenge, and I also posted on the Yakezie forums. Within no time, I was getting comments and feedback on my site from fellow Yakezie members.

The key to getting your Alexa traffic ranking down, is to install an Alexa toolbar on your browser. This is a very handy tool because it allows you to see the Alexa ranking for any website you visit with a simple click or a hover.

The Alexa ranking system tracks how many people with their toolbar installed visit your site, and your ranking drops as your traffic increases.

My goal of reaching 200k seemed unattainable only one week ago. However, with that kind of gigantic drop in only seven days, I am very encouraged that this challenge will end in success.

So thank you to all the fellow Yakezie members out there, and I encourage anyone not already joined in the challenge to check out the amazing benefits that await you!


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