Time Management: One Task per Day

I’m not a social scientist, nor do I profess to have a good handle on the human psyche. However, I do know that if left alone and without a plan, I would be the most unorganized person alive. So, because I have realized this about myself, I have implemented a surefire way to organize the tasks in my life and get things done! My one little secret, “ONE TASK PER DAY”. I agree, not exactly groundbreaking, but it works! Guaranteed! No, I do not mean only do one thing per day. What I mean is focus on one productive thing that you can do that will advance you towards your goal. Take the end result, divide it by how many days you have between today and the due date, and plug away at it. Once again, not groundbreaking, but it works!


Apply this same concept to applying for scholarships. If you do “ONE TASK PER DAY” you will quickly find that you are progressing towards your goal of financial aid domination.


I recommend starting your search today! If you are able to find one quality scholarship per day that is a great start. Do this for two weeks and keep track of the due dates for all 14 scholarships. Then start with the closest due date and count backwards. how many days do you have? 30, 60, 120? If you put this into perspective, you can easily break up even the most difficult task into manageable bites. You could complete one section of the application per day, you could write the introduction to a killer essay, you could contact one reference to write you a recommendation letter, you could mail one complete application… Follow this model and you will have much more accomplished than you could have ever dreamed before!


Let me know your success stories.

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