Tips for Winning Scholarships

When it comes to finding scholarships you need to be two things: tenacious and smart.


Tenacious, because scholarships are only given to those who work hard and follow through in their search for free money for college.


Smart, because it is not only your attitude, but the smart thoughts and motives behind your actions that will determine how successful you can be at earning scholarship money.


When a committee sits down to determine who they will give a scholarship to, they want the best. They won’t consider a mediocre candidate who filled in every blank on the application and wrote a credible essay, they want someone who has done those things and also showed the committee a glimpse into the tremendous person they are as a candidate.


When you complete an application you must pour yourself into it. You must give the committee enough information about yourself that will sway them into believing that you are the most deserving person for their money.


So remember to be tenacious and smart!


You will not be sorry.


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