Bring on the Stimulus. But Will it Really Help Me?

60-38 in the Senate, 246-183 in the House. The bill passed on largely partisan lines as the newly elected Democratic Congress stretched its muscles for the first time and found that it truly can dominate legislature without support from across the isles.

With this bill now on the President’s desk, it begs the question: “How will this affect me?”

Well I will tell you. If you go a state supported school you will be enjoying aid to the tune of $53.6 Billion dollars that will be pumped into state supported K-12 and higher education. Also, if you qualify for the Pell grant, the maximum has been raised by $500 (a total of $15.6 Billion). There will be $3.95 billion for job training, including state formula grants for adult, dislocated worker, and youth programs. A new $2,500 tuition tax credit with 40% refundability and lastly $200 Million to be invested into the Work-Study Program.

All of this money is intended to stabilize the rising costs of tuition and fees which have been plaguing state supported schools due to recent budget cuts. It also is intended to expand the aid offered by the federal government and hopefully allow more students the opportunity to further their education.

If you have further questions about this, first I urge you to watch the news, as they are covering this more closely than any other news story, and secondly check out the House Committee of Rules website at :

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