Stimulus Spending Increases Pell Grant

Well the verdict is still out on whether the proposed Stimulus plan will actually end up on President Obama’s desk, and the final outcome is certainly yet to be determined of whether this bill will actually jolt our economy back into upright position. However, the stimulus plan that now lays at Congress’s feet has a $500 Pell Grant allotment increase that is certainly encouraging. This would raise the annual max Pell grant allotment from $4850 to $5350. This would presumably allow student to either apply more funding towards a Fall/Spring semester or split the award up over 3 semesters evenly and use the grant as a full-time student.


I think this will be a great benefit to student’s in America and will be viewed as a positive step in the right direction of funding our futures by funding education. Please join me in hoping that whatever cuts are made in this stimulus package before it is passed, do NOT include any detraction from the Pell Grant, and any other proposed educational benefits.

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