I want to give you a resource that will help you with any questions regarding finding money for college, earning more money, starting a business, or personal financial literacy.

The list will always be a work in progress. I will add to it over time as awesome new resources come along, that I think will be helpful for you.


Financial Aid

  • FAFSA: The U.S. Dept. of Education’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is your one-stop-shop application for applying for all federal grants and student loans. If you learn nothing else here on MfCP, please never underestimate the important of this resource!
  • FinAid: From the guys who brought you FastWeb, FinAid is a much more robust financial aid information resource
  • EduLender: The best unbiased student loan comparison site on the web, and its FREE!
Earning more Money
  • Bluehost: If you are looking to create a website or blog then you need to find adequate hosting. I use Bluehost, and I highly recommend them for all of your web hosting needs. It is simple to install and to use, and they have excellent customer service.
  • Cash4Books: Check the buy back prices on textbooks from hundreds of sites across the internet with one click and an ISBN. This is a great site to begin a textbook buy and sell business.
Renting TextBooks
  • Amazon: Most of you already know what Amazon is, but you might not know that they are an excellent resource to rent digital textbooks through their Kindle.
  • Chegg: The No. 1 rated textbook rental site on the web
  • Campus Book Rentals: Free shipping, 30 day free returns, and excellent customer service


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