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Debt Ceiling Debate Includes Protection For Pell Grant

Yesterday, President Obama spoke with a group of student body presidents from across the nation to hear their pleas for continued support for student financial aid.

With the debt ceiling debates reaching a feverish pitch, it has become clear that student financial aid may not come through this crisis unscathed.

The conference call with president Obama focused on Mr. Obama’s commitment to ensuring that young people have education benefits well into the future.

“If we don’t raise our debt limit in seven days, then it’s very likely we could enter into the second dip of our recession; it’s bad for the whole economy but it’s disproportionately bad for my generation,” said Justin Kingsolver, president of the Indiana University student government, and one of the students on the call.

This is the prevailing feeling of students across the country. The crisis that could erupt if our debt ceiling is breached, and our credit rating is downgraded will hurt the college generation much more than it will others.

College students are having an increasingly hard time finding jobs upon graduation, and a further dip into the recession would only make this more difficult.

Both Senator Harry Reid and Speaker John Boehner have introduced bills which protect the Pell Grant and other popular forms of student financial aid. However, neither one of these bills has been agreed upon, so it is yet to be seen if student financial aid will make it through this most recent crisis without taking a few hits.