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Scholarship of the Day: Discus Awards College Scholarship

Scholarship of the Day


Award: $2,000


Deadline: May 31, 2012


The Discus Awards College Scholarship is available to high school students who are planning to attend college. To be considered, you must demonstrate leadership / excellence in three of the following categories: academics, arts, athletics, community service, faith, government, green, technology, work, or another achievement.

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How to Apply:

When most people think of college scholarships, they are usually thinking of a meteoric GPA or a fantastic win-loss record on a big sports team.  Not the Discus Awards.

Discus Awards scholarships recognize leaders on the dance team, drywall hangers supporting Habitat for Humanity, shift leaders at Starbucks, active youth group members, and social media gurus.  Put simply, Discus Awards Scholarships recognize a new category of high school students: the all-around standout.  Sound like you or a student you know?


Awards Available: 10



Every Discus Award winner is eligible for scholarship consideration.  Because all Discus Award winners are considered each month, it pays to enter early, as you will have more opportunities to be considered for the scholarships.



Additional Information:


Our judges are teachers, guidance counselors, school administrators, and college admissions officers who get to work with hundreds of students each year.  Make your nomination stand out with the following tips:

  • Be specific about your accomplishments in a particular category.  Think “I’m the president of my school’s banjo enthusiasts club” rather than “I love music.”
  • Show our judges your accomplishments in action with photos and videos.  A picture is worth 1,000 words – let our judges see you in all your greatness.
  • Embrace your differences – you’re unique in your qualities, abilities, and accomplishments; pick achievements that separate you from the pack.


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  1. Great job highlighting some of the lesser known scholarships. It all adds up to decrease the need of debt to attend school. In the face of rising college costs (faster than inflation), it is important for students and parents to consider.

    • @Roshawn — Scholarships really are one of the best ways to lower your overall college costs. Students often underestimate their earning ability when it comes to scholarships, and this comes back to bite them in the end. Thanks for stopping by!

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