Money For College Project Weekly Roundup: Productivity Tools Edition

Last week on Money for College Project I wrote a weekly roundup post about how much I have going on in my life right now. Over the weekend I realized that I needed to streamline some things or my life and productivity would spiral out of control. One of my biggest problems is being able to focus when I write. I typically have 1 hour in the morning where I complete my focused writing for blog articles and what not. That works for me.

However, now that I will have blog posts on top of papers for my grad school classes, I know I will need to write much more than 1 hour ever morning. To combat my ADD and actually try to get something done, I wanted to find a full screen text editor, that would allow me to write and focus without any interruptions.

Scrivener is what I ended up with. I did the free trial to see how I like it, but so far it is incredible. It is easy to use, cool to work with, and even aesthetically pleasing to look at. It does cost $45 though, which is why I am seriously evaluating it to see if it will be worth it through the free trial. I’ll keep you posted…

Enjoy the selections for this week!

Money for College Project

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[button link=”” color=”red”] How to Sell Old Coins for Cash – I Made $102[/button]


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Awesome Articles You Need to Read


[button link=””] Camp Wandawega – Escape![/button]  If you are looking for a quiet retreat to the woods and would love to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily routine, or even escape the 21st century, then travel back in time to Camp Wandawega. At $200 a night it is pricey, but how many other times in your life can you stay in a 3 story treehouse?


[button link=””] BiFS – Husband Working from Home[/button]  Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff recently announced that her husband has decided to quit his job and work full-time with her advertising business. Her client list and advertisers have expanded so much she cannot keep it a one woman show any more. Hats off to her. I work with Crystl, and I have been more than pleased with the results. If this new employee addition truly means more advertisers for all of her clients, then this is indeed an exciting move!


[button link=””] Student Loan Debt – Ebook[/button]  The College Investor launched a new ebook this week called Student Loan Debt. It’s a quick read, and it walks you through your options regarding student loan debt and how to pay it off. If you are struggling with student loan debt, then I would highly recommend this free resource!

Yakezie Friends


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6 thoughts on “Money For College Project Weekly Roundup: Productivity Tools Edition

  1. Khaleef @ KNS Financial

    I’m with you 100% on needing help focusing on one thing, while trying to juggle multiple priorities. It would be difficult for me to want to pay for a tool, but I guess it would save a lot of time and money in the end!

    Thanks for linking to my wife’s article about textbook rentals.

    1. MoneyforCollegePro Post author

      @Erin — I really have enjoyed these groups too! I definitely plan to continue checking through our team;s blogs. This has been by far the best group I have been in. If you will send me a link to your best post from the last week, I’ll be sure to get it in the roundup! Thanks!


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