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Money for College Project Weekly Roundup: Fraud and Deception Edition

The roundup this week is happening on Saturday to allow the Yakezie blog swap series to take over in the usual Friday spot. Erin from the Dog Ate my Wallet, wrote an excellent guest post yesterday on how to raise children to become entrepreneurs.

I hope many of you also were able to read through my article on my experience this past week with an advertising scam that I believe could have led to a serious case of identity theft. Sacha Charles from the Lana advertising agency was behind the con. Thankfully a quick Google search revealed the true nature of this criminal and I put the brakes on before it got too far.

It has been a crazy week with Grad School, my regular job, and the goings on here at Money for College Project. It has kept me on my toes though, which is all I can ask for.

Enjoy the selections for this week!

Money for College Project

Earn Your Graduate Degree for $12


Advertising Scam – Lana Agency


Yakezie Blog Swap Series



Awesome Articles You Need to Read


Escaping to a Cabin in the Woods  Adventure – Journal wrote an article that particularly hit home with me. It’s about a man who sold all his possessions 25 years ago, bought 50 acres in the New York wilderness and built a small cabin. He has lived there in a minimalist lifestyle ever since. I’m not suggesting that we all should follow suit, rather it is an awesome case study of pursuing what you are passionate about even if it is not the popular path. This man seems truly happy, and has found a way to make it work in his own life.


2012 Porsche 911 Carrera  In direct opposition to the previous link on minimalism, here is a post on a truly fantastic car. The Porsche 911 Carrera is not a car that I myself ever hope to be able to purchase but it is one that I can appreciate for near perfection. I would love to drive one someday however!


New Podcasts for 2012  I’m always up for a new podcast. Pat Flynn recommends three of his favorites that are just starting to burst on the scene in 2012.

Yakezie Friends


Sustainable Life – Hard Apple Cider



The Millionaire Nurse – Mushroom Project



Daily Money Shot – Dream Job Security


Money Beagle –  New Dishwasher



KNS Financial  – Financial Blessings



Bucksome Boomer – Delayed Gratification


Invest in the Markets – Discount Oil Prices


Dog Ate my Wallet – New Carnival


My Personal Financial Journey – Year End Review



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  1. Even though I just read about a porche I think that the minimalist lifestyle is one that would fit me perfectly, however, I think to really live that life ironically you need to have made quite a lot of cash!
    Chrissy recently posted..Young Driver InsuranceMy Profile

    • @Chrissy — It does seem that this lifestyle requires a lot of cash. I think there are ways that we can unclutter our lives however to better reflect this lifestyle, even though we may not be truly living the “minimalist” lifestyle. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for the link. And I really enjoyed having you as my Blog Swap partner. It always relieves some stress when I know the post will be good before I even see it.
    shanendoah@The Dog Ate My Wallet recently posted..What I’m Reading: Winter is Here EditionMy Profile

  3. Thanks so much for including my article!

    I can’t wait for things to die down over here so I can start writing consistently again.
    Khaleef @ KNS Financial recently posted..Financial Blessings – Reader StoriesMy Profile

  4. Thanks for including my post. Lots of good reads-and those podcasts, too. Your life is full, hang in there.
    Dr Dean recently posted..Financial Follies: Kalishnikovs For Free EditionMy Profile


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