Money for College Project Weekly Roundup: Starting Grad School

I started my Master’s degree classes this week, and boy has it been a long week. I plan to write a much more in-depth post on this decision, but I am continuing my full-time job, managing this blog, and taking on two master’s classes per semester…what have I done!

I know this degree will pay huge dividends in my career over time, but the next 2 – 3 years will be rough. No sleep, lots of reading, and long hours in hight classes. “It’s worth it, It’s worth it, It’s worth it…”

While I try to catch up on my sleep and nose through a textbook, here are some good reads for your edification!

Money for College Project

[button link=”” color=”red”] Federal Student Aid: Pell Grant[/button] The Pell Grant is the largest federal grant, and requires a student to submit the FAFSA. Here is a quick look into exactly how the grant works.

[button link=”” color=”red”] ShareBuilder review plus $75 Bonus[/button] I recently opened a ShareBuilder account, and I wanted to share my experience with you. Bottom line, I think you should consider ShareBuilder as your online discount broker.


Yakezie Friends


[button link=”” color=”green”] Sustainable Life – Football Edition[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] The Millionaire Nurse – $1 Million in a 401K[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Daily Money Shot – Giving Away money[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”]Money Beagle – ¬†Paycheck Changes[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] KNS Financial ¬†– Drug Store Shopping[/button]



[button link=”” color=”green”] Bucksome Boomer – Save Money? Slow Down![/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Invest in the Markets – Diversify![/button]


[button link=”″ color=”green”] Dog Ate my Wallet – Wednesdays![/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] My Personal Financial Journey – The TV Effect[/button]



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