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Merry Christmas — A Little Early

It’s been a crazy few days for our family. My father in law wound up in the hospital with multiple blood clots in his lungs and will be in the hospital through Christmas Day. So needless to say, we will be spending part of our Christmas stuck in a hospital room.

He’s in great spirits however, not in a lot of pain, and very thankful to still be with us.

So for us this Christmas, we are very thankful to have him still with us. Regardless of whatever gifts come our way this year, that will be the most precious.

With that said, that is the reason I have been a little vacant from the blog the past few days, and why I wont be back to the blog until January. The rest of the Christmas Holiday is going to be spent with family and friends, and enjoying the precious gift of life that we all have.

I hope you all have a great Christmas, and I look forward to coming back in a week or so!

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  1. Best of luck to your father-in-law. A few years back my dad ended up in the hospital around Christmas due to some heart issues he was having. Thankfully everything worked out OK though it definitely adds to the stress!

  2. I hope your Father in law is recovering well. We had a hospital crisis last Christmas. All of our family had one more thing to be tremedously thankful for this year.

    • @Dr. Dean — He is doing much better. Hope you had an excellent Christmas this year!

  3. I hope your father has recovered! Have a great new year!

    • @Jeff — My father has improved a great deal. he is still sore and recovering, but in very good shape compared to 2 weeks ago. Thanks for the good thoughts!

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