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Money for College Project Weekly Roundup: New Car Edition

My wife and I have finally made the decision to buy me a new vehicle. I took a new job back in April 2011, that increased my daily commute significantly. I now drive 94 miles per day, round trip. As you can imagine, this meant that our fuel bill skyrocketed. I currently drive a 1997 Ford Explorer Sport which has been paid for for over 5 years. I love the vehicle, and would not even consider getting rid of it if it were not for it’s terrible gas mileage – 19 mpg highway.

So, after taking a close look at our budget and expenses, we have decided to purchase a new Chevy Cruze. The new vehicle gets 42 miles per gallon. We are able to get 0% financing on the loan, and pay a down payment also. With the savings in gas every month, I will be able to come within $50 of evening out the savings in gas expenses, and the increase in having a car payment!

I did not factor in the higher taxes and insurance yet, so I know that will put me behind again. At this point in my life it if worth it to me to have this job, and our family is alright paying a little extra for this opportunity. Can’t say that will be the case in 5 years though…

Anyway, as I prepare to buy a new car this weekend, here are some good reads for your edification!

Money for College Project

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Awesome Articles You Need to Read


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  1. Thanks so much for including my article!
    Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey recently posted..Opening and Managing a Self-Employed Individual / Solo 401(k)My Profile

  2. Thanks for including me!
    Jeff @ Sustainable Life Blog recently posted..Where I Get the Most ValueMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the mention.

    Enjoy your new car. Yes there will be some added expense, but as gas prices go up (because you know they’re not going down) your savings will grow, too.
    shanendoah@the dog ate my wallet recently posted..Blog Swap: What give you the most value?My Profile

    • @Shanendoah — That is a good point. Gas prices will certainly go up, unfortunately!!

  4. News cars are a big steop. It will certainly change your commute.
    Dr. Dean recently posted..Friday Follies: Exchange Students Rock Edition!My Profile

    • @Dr. Dean — It will. The only big problem I see is that my current vehicle starts shaking when I go over 70mph, so speeding is never really an issue on the interstate. However, I’ll have to watch myself with the new car. A few speeding tickets could make this car MUCH more expensive!


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