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Money for College Project: Exam Week

I work on a college campus, so naturally my work ebbs and flows with the college schedule. This week has been particularly slow because it is the dreaded Exam Week!

Exam week is much different as an employee than as a student. As an employee I welcome exam week because it always gives us a much needed lull before Spring registration starts up again. I’ve been able to catch back up on my work after being out for a week on our cruise.

Exam week also means that Christmas is still rapidly approaching. Students will leave to go home, and faculty and staff will have the campus to ourselves until Christmas. A college campus is always a little weird without students….but I will welcome the slower traffic! With that, here is the best of the best from this past week!

Money for College Project


New College Rankings An interesting look at a new ranking system that takes into account tuition cost and your ability to actually earn a salary once you graduate. I believe this may be the measure by which all degrees are measured in the future.

College Bucket List Top 10 This list compiles the top 10 things that I believe every college student should experience before they graduate. In no particular order, but hopefully some of you read this while still a student, and can check off the list before you leave campus!


Awesome Articles You Need to Read


Global Expedition Vehicles  So what if I said that I would absolutely love to sell my house, buy one of these vehicles, and live my life on the road. As soon as I saw these beastly vehicles, I could not contain my excitement. I really wish the plant was closer so I could go visit. Anyone ever seen one of these vehicles in person? I would be perfectly content to travel the world in one.


SPI November Monthly Report  Pat from Smart Passive Income reveals his monthly numbers, and they are once again staggering. It definitely helps to learn some valuable lessons from one of the best in the internet marketing business.


Citizen’s Arrest  I hope that many of you thought of Barney Fife and Andy Griffith when you hear Citizen’s Arrest. Regardless, this really is an interesting article, which brought up some things I never knew.


Yakezie Friends


Sustainable Life – Food in a Split Household


The Millionaire Nurse – Charitable Giving


Daily Money Shot – Picky Eaters


Money Beagle –  Phishing Scams


KNS FInancial  – Loan Consolidation


Bucksome Boomer – Piddling Away Your Money


Invest in the Markets – Best Stock Picks


Dog Ate my Wallet – Neilsen Family


My Personal Financial Journey – Charity Drop



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  1. Thanks so much for the mention of my charity drop!
    Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey recently posted..November 10% Blog Income Give Back Charity DropMy Profile

  2. Thanks… will retweet.
    Doctor Stock recently posted..Best Stock Picks Part 2My Profile

  3. Thanks for the mention. I will do my next roundup as a feature of my Yakezie ‘friends’. I just did a Twitter mention with the links I have. Hope you have a great weekend!
    Money Beagle recently posted..Weekend ‘Joy’ Roundup: December 9, 2011My Profile

  4. Thanks for the mention.

    I was a student employee in my school’s financial aid office. Christmas break was actually a really busy time for us processing last minute FA applications for spring and getting money distributed. The first year I was there, all student loans still came as paper checks. The second year, you could opt in to EFT, but paper checks were still the standard.
    shanendoah@the dog ate my wallet recently posted..The Other Side of the TableMy Profile

    • @Shanendoah — The financial aid office is a tough place to work as a student worker. You get to deal with unhappy parents and students and don’t get paid above minimum wage! I feel for you.

      With that said, I was a student worker in financial aid as well and as tough as it was, I learned a lot. It actually helped me understand how the system worked and helped me avoid student loans. Not a bad trade off really.
      MoneyforCollegePro recently posted..Money for College Project: Exam WeekMy Profile

  5. Thanks so much for the mention!

    Unfortunately, exam time isn’t quiet for me – since I deal with professors and researchers more than students. It’s busy as always.
    Khaleef @ KNS Financial recently posted..Why A Consolidation Loan May Be Worth ConsideringMy Profile

  6. GXV, unique vehicles. Pat Flynn does a great job.
    Dr. Dean recently posted..Friday Follies: Cannonball Edition!My Profile

    • @Dr. Dean — GXV are definitely unique. Maybe not the most practical, but on a certain level that is what makes them interesting!

  7. That citizens arrest article was pretty facinating!
    Marian recently posted..PC TV TunerMy Profile

    • @Marian — Thanks! I always fid the AoM articles fascinating. Thanks for stopping by.


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