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Money for College Project Roundup: Asbestos and Mold Edition

The suite of offices where I work is currently being renovated. Our suite is in the basement of a 100+ year old building, and the mold, mildew, and asbestos that live under the walls has always been disgusting.

The powers that be have finally made the decision to renovate our office space. I am really excited about the remodel, but during the demolition phase, all of those mold, mildew, and asbestos particles have been released into the air. So now everyone who works in the entire building is coughing, and many have upper respiratory infections. I was fine until yesterday, when I cam home wit a violent cough and a raging swollen throat.

Fortunately, I don’t feel sick, just not able to talk. Thankfully, I get to type on this blog instead of talking, so the Money for College project weekly Roundup will go on!

Money for College Project


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  1. They’re remodeling our building as well. They’re doing one half at a time so they can gut it and completely re-do it. It was originally done in the early 1980’s so I don’t think we have all the harmful stuff around. In your case, they better have done a sealed asbestos removal, because that’s not something that you want just flying around in the air. Nobody should be going to work under that scenario!

    • @Money beagle — Yes, they have done a sealed removal, so hopefully its not the asbestos in the air. but there are still nasty particles of something flying around and getting everyone sick. I’ll be glad when this is all done!

      Good luck with your remodel as well.

  2. Thanks for the mention! As I said before, I love this link format.

    And no doubt asbestos is nasty stuff, as are all those other things. Good luck staying healthy!

    • @Dr.Dean – Any time! Glad you like the links. I cant really take credit for them, they are a custom script within the theme I use (Elegant Themes). And I am definitely trying to stay healthy!

  3. wow… disgusting… I’m not sure if I should thank you for being included this week with that theme or what?! Haha… GT3!

    • @Doctor Stock — Ok, you are right. haha. Not the most pleasant. I was going for the wow factor. So maybe people will click through to see what was so gross and stumble across your great article. We’ll hope for that!

  4. Thanks for the mention.
    I remember working on a college campus and the mess everything was when they decided to rennovate some of our historical buildings. Hope you feel better soon and that the particulates in the air at the office are down after the weekend.

    • You bet! Yeah, our college campus is filled with historical buildings. They add a lot to campus, but man they are frustrating because they need to be repaired and remodeled all of the time. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the mention!

  6. Thanks for the link. I can’t believe they’re doing the renovation with you working in the building. We have very strict laws in California about asbestos removal.

    • @Kay Lynn – They have sealed off the area where they are doing construction, but somehow particles are still getting out. It is turning into a big mess. Glad to help with a mention anytime!


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