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Money for College Roundup: Time Flies Edition

When you post the same type and style of post on the same day every week, it always serves as a brilliant reminder of just how quickly time flies by. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting down at my computer to create the latest Roundup, and here I am again.

It’s alright though, because I love blogging, and I especially enjoy these roundup posts. I get to showcase some of the best articles I ran across over the previous week, and also to give a shout out to my other friends who are killing it in the Blogosphere.

Here are the tasty morsels I have for you for this week!

Money for College Project


Retirement at Age 26 My experience in dealing with a retirement/financial counselor and his take on what retirement looks like for a 26 year old working adult. Very insightful.


Obama’s Worthless Student Loan Plan Not a political debate. Just a critique of Obama’s new plan to help students repay their student loans.




Awesome Articles You Need to Read


Flight of the Frenchies  Really just an incredible video of highline slackining over some incredible drops, with only a single cable holding them from death. A combination of base jumping and highline…it’s incredible. You will enjoy, guaranteed.


BIFS October Monthly Report  What can I say? Crystal from Budgeting in the FUn Stuff is absolutely killing it! Her new monthly record rivals that of Pat Flynn, which if you know, says a lot!


Know when to move on  Here is the Smart Passive income post from Pat Flynn himself. A great article on when it is time to cut your losses and move on from a failing project. It’s not always easy, but sometimes t is critical to your future success.


An Educated Man  Great article on what it means to be an educated man. We’ve lost a lot of this in recent years, and Art of Manliness wants to bring us back to it. I love this site, and even if you are not a man, I think it has valuable content.



Yakezie Friends


Everyday Tips and Thoughts – Opportunity Cost


Retire by 40 – Pay Full price for Experience


Invest in the Markets – The Markets Speak


The Single Saver –  Buy Now!


Financial Excellence – Living Hope Uganda


Money Talks – What’s an Emergency


My University Money – Co-Op Education


Beating Broke – A New House


Little House in the Valley – Identity Theft…


20’s Finance – First Investment


My PF Journey – Save Money in Winter
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  1. Thanks for the mention. I see some other good reads too! Thanks for sharing!
    20’s Finances recently posted..What Would You Do with Extra Income?My Profile

  2. Thanks for the mention!
    Little House recently posted..Buying a House After a Short SaleMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the inclusion!
    Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey recently posted..Stop Being Cheap and Invest In YourselfMy Profile

  4. Thanks so much for the link… will tweet!
    Doctor Stock recently posted..How to trade in the Stock Market and Never Lose a CentMy Profile

  5. Thanks for the mention! The difference between Pat and I is that he spends wayyyy less time on his big money (and I only make half), lol. He’s my hero.
    Crystal recently posted..What Do You Want to Read About?My Profile

    • Glad to recommend your site any time. I think with the eventual additional of a VA or two, your business will be bringing in the same dollars at Pat Flynn, and you can hopefully cut back the hours a bit. Regardless of that though, your numbers are still incredibly impressive!
      MoneyforCollegePro recently posted..Money for College Roundup: Time Flies EditionMy Profile

  6. Thanks for the mention!!
    Ashley @ Money Talks recently posted..If You Know It’s Coming, It’s Not an EmergencyMy Profile

  7. Love the way your links look! Great job. My son just sent me the Art of Manliness link-fun!
    Dr Dean recently posted..Banks: Changing Over Charges?My Profile

    • @Dr. Dean – Thanks! AoM has inspired me on many topics and in many ways. I always learn something new when I visit their site. It’s a worthy goal to aspire to. Thanks for stopping by!
      MoneyforCollegePro recently posted..Understanding Student Loan DefermentsMy Profile


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