Money for College Roundup: Time Flies Edition

When you post the same type and style of post on the same day every week, it always serves as a brilliant reminder of just how quickly time flies by. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting down at my computer to create the latest Roundup, and here I am again.

It’s alright though, because I love blogging, and I especially enjoy these roundup posts. I get to showcase some of the best articles I ran across over the previous week, and also to give a shout out to my other friends who are killing it in the Blogosphere.

Here are the tasty morsels I have for you for this week!

Money for College Project


[button link=”” color=”red”] Retirement at Age 26[/button] My experience in dealing with a retirement/financial counselor and his take on what retirement looks like for a 26 year old working adult. Very insightful.


[button link=”” color=”red”] Obama’s Worthless Student Loan Plan[/button] Not a political debate. Just a critique of Obama’s new plan to help students repay their student loans.




Awesome Articles You Need to Read


[button link=””] Flight of the Frenchies[/button]  Really just an incredible video of highline slackining over some incredible drops, with only a single cable holding them from death. A combination of base jumping and highline…it’s incredible. You will enjoy, guaranteed.


[button link=””] BIFS October Monthly Report[/button]  What can I say? Crystal from Budgeting in the FUn Stuff is absolutely killing it! Her new monthly record rivals that of Pat Flynn, which if you know, says a lot!


[button link=””] Know when to move on[/button]  Here is the Smart Passive income post from Pat Flynn himself. A great article on when it is time to cut your losses and move on from a failing project. It’s not always easy, but sometimes t is critical to your future success.


[button link=””] An Educated Man[/button]  Great article on what it means to be an educated man. We’ve lost a lot of this in recent years, and Art of Manliness wants to bring us back to it. I love this site, and even if you are not a man, I think it has valuable content.



Yakezie Friends


[button link=”” color=”green”] Everyday Tips and Thoughts – Opportunity Cost[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Retire by 40 – Pay Full price for Experience[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Invest in the Markets – The Markets Speak[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”]The Single Saver –  Buy Now![/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Financial Excellence – Living Hope Uganda[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Money Talks – What’s an Emergency[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] My University Money – Co-Op Education[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Beating Broke – A New House[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] Little House in the Valley – Identity Theft…[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] 20’s Finance – First Investment[/button]


[button link=”” color=”green”] My PF Journey – Save Money in Winter[/button]

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