In Chicago and I Need your Help!

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I flew into Chicago O’Hare airport last night for my first visit to Chicago. My welcome to the city was a 50 minute wait in line for a taxi, and lots of congestion and construction traffic.

Definitely not in the Southeast anymore.

I’m only here on business for one day, but I really want to make the most of the city while I am here. I know that there have to be some of you out there who either live in or near Chicago, or who frequent the city.

I would love some recommendations on the best places to eat. Specifically, I want to get some chicago style deep dish pizza that the city is famous for. I would also love to try some authentic Italian food.

My hotel is close to the Navy Pier and I plan to visit there, but any other recommendations of things to do and places to see would be greatly appreciated.

I’m here in Chicago to do a few site visits of colleges. I hope to be able to report back on the various ways that colleges in the city are offering financial aid and money for college sources to their students. Colleges in the Southeast are ultimately very different than colleges in other parts of the country, and I think it is important to understand these differences and make objective decisions about which colleges you should attend.

If you have any specific questions that you would like answered, please let me know. I will do my best to pass these on and have them answered for you!

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3 thoughts on “In Chicago and I Need your Help!

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  2. Jackie Wade

    I have a son, whose been graduated from college for 2 years. He made all A’s from 8th gr. thru last semester of college. He had a 2 yr. Academic scholarship, but in all truth he deserved a 4 yr. one. He went to a small high school. He was 4th in his class of 50, & he had a 4.0 till last semester, & graduated from Alabama, with a 3.99. He works fulltime, as an ER nurse. He’s wanting to go back to school, but he’s overwhelmed with $72,000.00 of school loans. I’d like to start a college fund, to help young people get out of the debt of school loans. Maybe you could help me with a way to do this.


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