Apple Founder Steve Jobs Dies at 56: Life Lessons


Steve Jobs created a company that provides the products many of us use on a daily basis. In fact, as I type I am doing so into an iMac. My wife owns a iPhone, we both own iPods, my wife works on a MacBook Pro, and we have an iPad for our wedding photography business. We sound a little bit like Apple junkies, and it is partly true, but we are drawn to these products because of the brand that Steve Jobs built.

Apple has been extremely successful at creating products that overdelver on performance, do not easily break down, do not require constant updating and repairs, and are super cool to look at and use. In short, he has created a pop culture out of the products his company creates.

There are still many more PC’s in the world then there are Mac computers, but you rarely hear about a PC owner raving about their newest product, or lining up down the street when the new version of their product comes out.

For many people, Steve Jobs was like Elvis or John Lennon. He represented a visionary, and an innovator that influenced millions of people around the world.

What can we learn from Steve Jobs life?


Steve Jobs was successful because he pushed the limits. 


The products that he created start a trend. When he introduced the iPod and the “1,000 songs in your pocket” theme, nobody had ever seen anything like it. His company was the first to develop virus free computers, all in one computers, the iPhone interactive smart phone, and most recently the iPad tablet device.

These products were and are, revolutionary. That is why his product reveals were so exciting. Apple fans around the world waited on the edge of their seat to find their new obsession.

If you are a college student, a blogger, a business owner, or an aspiring entrepreneur, then I challenge you to push the limits like Steve Jobs.

You can push the limits on creativity by pursuing the new product design that you are truly passionate about. You can push the limits by offering customer service above and beyond what your competitors are willing to do. You can push the limits by engaging with your readers and taking a personal interest in their success. You can even push the limits by doing something radical that you are passionate about.

Take a risk.

Steve Jobs worked harder than anyone else!


The success of Steve Jobs and Apple is not only due to the vision and creative genius of Steve Jobs. He did not simply come up with awesome ideas and then let them sit in his board room.

Steve Jobs took the bull by the horns and led by example. He worked harder than any of his employees. He created a clear vision of what he wanted, he communicated that clearly to his employees, and then he relentlessly pursued perfection.

That is why his products have been so successful. He demanded excellence from his employees, while giving them the chance to work on some of the greatest and most influential technical devices our world has ever seen.

Steve Jobs burned the midnight oil to make his company successful, and so should you!

You should demand excellence of yourself, and of the products and services your business creates. If you are a student, then you should demand excellence in your research and studies. You should also put in the extra time and effort to create a meaningful side business that will help you pay for your education, as well as gain real world work experience, and a sense of entrepreneurship.

If you are a blogger then I challenge you to work harder at making your blog successful. Submit more posts to carnivals, write a few more guest posts, seek out more advertising opportunities, contact more companies and ask for review products, write a few more pages on your E-book, or engage more with your readers.

The hard work that you put in now will pay off huge dividends in the long run.

Steve Jobs has left an indelible mark on the world. What will your mark be?

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6 thoughts on “Apple Founder Steve Jobs Dies at 56: Life Lessons

  1. Little House

    Steve Jobs was the revolutionary leader of many Apple products that were copied and ended up in “mainstream” America. The personal computer that is now in almost every house (PC followed Mac’s lead), the sliding touch screen which is now on Android as well as many other phones, portable music, etc. I’ve never been a Mac owner due to the cost, but the products I use copied Apple’s technology. So I am grateful for Steve Jobs innovative ideas. RIP Steve Jobs.
    Little House recently posted..Motivating Kids to Save MoneyMy Profile

    1. STRONGside Post author

      @RB40 — I think you are exactly right. It was the user experience. This was the defining factor with all Apple products and definitely why I love them so much! Jobs will be sorely missed.


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