Scholarship Saturdays : Weird Scholarship Edition

It is always amazing to me to see the types of organizations that are started to give out money to people just like them. This is not a bad thing, and I certainly would not turn down money for college if it were offered to me, it’s just, shall we say, weird…

With that, here are a few weird scholarship opportunities that you may or may not qualify for.

[button link=””] The Kor Memorial Scholarship[/button]

The Klingon Language Institute (yes, you read that correctly) gives out a $500 award every year to a student who is focused on language study. Mastery of the Klingon language is not required to apply.

[button link=””] Ayn Rand Essay Contests[/button]

Ayn Rand, writer of The FountainheadAtlas Shrugged, Anthem, and We The Living, offers roughly $99,000 in prize money split amont 680 different prizes. The Ayn Rand Institute administers all of these prizes, and they are all awarded based on the quality of your essay regarding one of Ayn Rand’s novels. If you remember Howard Roark and Peter Keating from your high school english class, then this one might be for you!

[button link=””] Stuck at Prom Duck Brand Duct Tape Contest[/button]

You may have heard of this contest in the past, but did you know that the winners receive a $5000 scholarship, as well as a $5000 gift to their school in their name? All you have to do is create a Prom outfit (tux or dress) entirely out of Duck Brand Duct Tape. Sounds easy right? Well, I would check out some of the past winners to see what your level of competition will be. Who knew that you could do so much with duct tape!?!

[button link=”″] Tall Club Scholarship[/button]

Being tall apparently has more benefits than being able to grab things off the top shelf. If you are a male and over 6’2 or a female and over 5’10, then you can apply for a Tall Club Scholarship. You will need to write an essay on what being tall means to you. You will need to be sponsored by a local Tall Club, so you will have to seek one of these out, if they do not publicize their contest. If you are selected, you will win $1000 for your trouble, and just for being tall.

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10 thoughts on “Scholarship Saturdays : Weird Scholarship Edition

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  3. Josh G

    Pretty cool site! There are a lot of college sites out there but I really like the way you have branded yours. It stands out from others.

    Great work!


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