An Unconventional Guide to Paying for College

The Student Loan Debt Clock

Shocked silence…..

Has our country really gotten so far in the hole that we are approaching 1 TRILLION in student loan debt?

According to, apparently we have. The student loan debt clock above includes all federal and private outstanding student loan debt and is increasing at an astounding rate of $2,853.88 per second.

I have talked a lot about student loans in the past few weeks, but that is because they can be very poisonous to your financial health down the road, if not managed properly.

Here are some excellent ways that you can minimize your student loan debt and find free money for college.


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  1. That’s a pretty scary fact! I really wish more schools would counsel students on finance and student loans in high school and then again the first and last year of college to help prepare them for keeping their loans to a minimum and then making a plan to get them paid off!

    • @Little House — I really wish we had more financial literacy type courses in our school system also. It would go a long way towards limiting our student loan debt, and to educating much more financially productive citizens. Education really is key to solving this issue.

  2. That’s pretty scary!

  3. That is pretty crazy. I’m glad I don’t have any student loan. My bro owes 6 figures though…

    • @RB40 — It’s nice to NOT be included in a negative statistic!

      Here’s to hoping your bro can get those paid off soon!

  4. Wow, that’s a shocking number. How many of those borrowers will get jobs that actually pay enough to pay off their loans?

    • @Matt — I hate to think it, but probably not very many!

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